Greed in the US

I love being an American and living in this country! There are so many things I have because of this country and where we have come. This is something I am always grateful for and never forget about it. All we have become is due in part to the suffering that many of my ancestors (and yours) dealt with to make their way to the United States, to a ‘better land’. For many years, that is what this nation has been.

But no matter how much I love the United States, the greed we have as a nation, especially high up in business or in politics, is a blight on all we’ve accomplished. The “housing crisis” was a result of banks, lenders and builders trying to take advantage of home buyers so they could profit from them! Enron, the gas and electric problems in California a few years ago, gas prices, you name it, we are all suffering due to the wealthy trying to be even more wealthy.

We all like a profit, I like it, and I want my employer to do well. But we are doing this at the expense of our well-being, trying to get more than we need. Come on, let’s make some extra cash, but let us not steal it from someone in the process.

Remember to “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. So many problems would be fixed with this attitude…maybe all of them!


Mom’s Bass

Mom and Dad came by after church Sunday afternoon to do some fishing at the creek behind our house. There are some good fish in that little creek, but we've not seen any this year.

Mom hooked one just as Dad and I were getting tired of fishing and not catching anything. She came back intent on catching what was biting her line the other day. It paid off!!

You can view Mr. Bass here. Or you can view the doctored-up Mr. Bass (for more attention at work) here.

To be fair, Dad did hook a might good looking sunfish, but it was no keeper.